Seems silly to have a hashtag with this purpose in mind. Because hashtags are so often used in the wonderfully dreadful world of social media. Googlegram Twitterbook as I like to call it.... I’ll give you the conclusion followed by a twisted journey into the machine (my mind) explaining how I stumbled into said conclusion... Continue Reading →

Err on the side of caution

Err -- Verb; to go astray in thought or belief; be mistaken; be incorrect PSA - You probably won't agree with me on this, and if you can't dig deep into open-mindedness, deep enough to allow the possibility of me changing your mind, you should stop reading. My truth - I've struggled as long as... Continue Reading →

Juggle Struggle

Baking, handstands, adult coloring, gardening, flower arrangements, photography, crossfit, sunrise hiking, sunset hiking, any hiking, trail running, tie dyeing, sewing, crochet, modge podge, yoga, playing guitar, writing standup, podcasting, mask making, swimming, reading, listening to books, writing, blogging, nail art, tea making... Straightforwardly, I’m a Serial Hobbiest. If you paint this broadly, there are unlimited... Continue Reading →

Me vs. Me

Read that again. I will not say this journey has been easy. It's been harder than ANY restrictive plan I've ever been on. The expectations and judgements have made loving ourselves a lot harder than it should ever be. I am not going to sit here and tell you "if you're fat, you're fat, and... Continue Reading →

Me, on Being Fatalistic…

YOLO – defined in the urban dictionary as “you only live once” with the exception being if you believe in reincarnation or cats. I laughed out loud when I read that. Is anyone else straight up irritated to death with acronyms. I used to get exasperated when my best friend joined the military and would... Continue Reading →

2020 My Way

The last year has been hard in ways I'm not going to bother boring you with, and other ways I will keep to myself regardless of bore. As I lay here in bed unable to sleep I find myself rummaging through the clutter inside my mind. Listening to background noise of Elvis (my dog) snoring... Continue Reading →

Mental Toughness

Yes, this is another Crossfit post....get over it. Find what you love, and let it save you... When I began my voyage into CrossFit I had no expectation of anything other than fitness with friends. I had no idea I was out to conquer my mental health more than my physical appearance. CrossFit is tough,... Continue Reading →

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