Reinventing Resolution

As I find myself winding down after the Christmas holiday, I start to think about the new year, resolutions…and whether or not people actually even do this whole “resolution” thing anymore. What’s the point, really? You can have a goal (or resolution, if you will) at any time. It doesn’t have to be a new year, or a Monday, or the beginning of any given month. Hell, I’d like to make goals on a Wednesday at noon. How’s that for a starting time? 

I’ve hymned and hawed about what my resolution would be, or what it should be. What my goals for 2015 were, and what I failed epically at. Then, it dawned on me….why not focus on what I’m not going to do? Why would I go each year setting unrealistic goals, just to be disappointed come December 31st when I’ve hardly met any of them? Because really, I’ve done some great things that have nothing to do with my goals. After a while I started thinking about the things I want to care less about, or give half a fuck about. If we don’t properly allocate the fucks we give, we kind of start to lose our ability to give a fuck at all – which isn’t a place I want to find myself, ever. 

 That said, I’d like to provide a list of things I’m going to not give any of my fucks to for the year 2016:

  • Bad hair days – they happen
  • Fashion – comfort first, and who am I kidding, I’ve never been fashionable
  • The dreaded scale – need I say more…going to and throw it in the garbage right now
  • Days I don’t make it to the box (CrossFit term, for gym)
  • Binge eating ice cream or watching TV
  • Assholes – people are assholes, it’s not their fault, they just are
  • Facebook bullshit, or Facebook in general
  • Holidays that don’t matter – do you really give a shit about Valentine’s day?
  • My husband’s love for offensive clothing (specifically his confederate flag shirt)
  • The over sensitive – 2015 will be forever marked as the year everyone became offended by everything, I’d sure like 2016 to be more about people giving less of a fuck about what everyone else is doing but I can’t control everyone
  • Drinking coffee – it’s about survival, who cares about the cream and sugar
  • Saying “no” to people who want favors and nothing more
  • Pressures to be the best at anything – FUCK that, I’m me, if I’m not the best friend you’ve had, the best employee, best photographer, best anything….sorry, but I’m me, maybe you have set the bar a little too goddamn high, or maybe, just maybe, I shouldn’t give a fuck about what you think…
  • A perfectly clean house – dear god, who has time for this? Does anyone really care if there’s one solitary ball of hair floating around my house, or one dish in the sink, or a load of laundry in a hamper in my laundry room??? If you do, please stop coming over.

 I think this is a great start. I’m not getting any younger, and 2016 is the year I’m going to work on giving more fucks to myself and the people I love, than the nonsense in the world. I suggest you try the same.


Till next time, friends.



  **pictured: me, not giving a fuck**




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