the occurrence and development of events by chance in a happy or beneficial way.

Serendipity is something I believe in. Some say it’s silly, but I say, in a world where sometimes we don’t know what or who to believe, something as silly as a series of serendipitous events, makes an immense difference.
I was born on April
9th, which is the 99th day of the year (with the exception of a leap year, which makes it the 100th day), and coincidentally I married my best friend on leap day…which happens to be February 29th. Also, 9 years ago today on this day, March 9th, Elvis Aron was born. My Elvis. My fuzzy lumpkins, my little poop-a-loop, my stink, my cutie patootie, my cuddle buddy, my first and favorite fur baby.

Growing up we always had dogs, but Elvis is different, he’s my dog. My best friend. My partner in laziness.

It was my 25th birthday and all I wanted was a dog of my own. I heard of a woman selling “pure bread” Pomeranians off Dutterow road in Lacey. They were $100, which seemed totally reasonable. And, if I knew then what I know now, I would have paid that a thousand times. This woman lived in a trailer…not one that you call a trailer to pleasantly surprise people when they show up, but a straight up trailer out of the trailer park…only it wasn’t in a park. I visited Elvis every other day till April 1
9th when I got to bring him home. After a while I figured out he certainly wasn’t a Pomeranian, more like a Malty-Lhasaranian (I came up with that myself)…but I love him just the same. Never trust a lady in a spooky trailer selling dogs….maybe I should have taken all 9 of them. Elvis was the 9th born…the runt.

A lot of my friends were dog moms and dads before they became moms and dads to humans. Being as I never experienced that, I am ignorant to what it’s like to love someone more than I love Elvis. I remember my first freak out when he puked and crapped 15 times in the house, just to find out he ate laffy taffy, turns out he has a fussy tummy. I still have his first tooth and first curl…yep…I’m THAT dog mom. But really my point is this: today is Elvis’
9th birthday, I hope he has many more, but I literally worry about the day I lose him. Which brings me to serendipity. I think finding him was divine serendipity. He is my favorite thing. I always wonder if he understands me…more than when I say “sneeze” “speak” “off” “sit” “besos(kisses)” “bow” “down” “place” “wanna go night night” or “Jesus shut up”. If I could guarantee he’d understand, here’s what I’d say…
Elvis, thank you. Thank you for being my compadre. Thank you for loving me more than anything and for truly being excited to see me even after 30 seconds. Thank you for understanding when I’m mad and for cuddling me when I’m upset and being excited when I’m excited. Thank you for hogging the couch. And for teaching me to love something with such immense intensity. Thank you for gazing at me with your kind eyes the first and 70th time I say “hi” or “you’re so cute” or “I sure love you” every day and not necessarily thinking I’m crazy. Thank you for understanding when I lack in patience because I instantly regret it, while your bark is sharp, it will dissipate long before I will…and that will be the hardest time of my life. Even if I yell, truly I love you. Your snore makes me giggle and I don’t mind a bit when you kick me in the face in the middle of the night, I’m just glad you are there and I’m glad you take up more room than necessary in our bed.  Thank you for tolerating baths and grooming, mostly because you sleep where we do, yes, under the covers. You’ve been with me through some of the most triumphant and tough times, and have always helped and celebrated appropriately. Mostly, thank you for filling my heart. Life without you isn’t something I ever want to know, you’re the best dog, even if you are all I have to compare.

…okay so how’s that for crazy. But really, most of you probably understand and never said it, or blogged about it. It’s funny how these little creatures make us happy, but it’s simple serendipity when you fall upon something that brings you infinite amounts of joy. 💕

Happy golden birthday, Elvis Aron. You’re a once in a lifetime mutt and damnit I wouldn’t have it any other way.  Thank goodness for that trailer and that crazy lady, and her tramp dogs…yep, just called your birth mom a tramp…not sorry either.

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