There are two kinds of people in this world…

People who like candy corn, and people who don’t. I’m going to assume the former are also people who ate crayons as a child and bite candles.

Embarrassingly, on my quest to find the reason people would ever put those tri-colored triangle corn-syrup-flavored death treats in their mouths, I’ve done my fair share of research into candy corn.

On one hand I’ve got a bit of respect for the candy. It is the only candy that hasn’t changed its core process since the birth of it in the 1800’s! Obviously production improves and becomes more efficient as technology progresses over the years, but the essence/ingredients/etc. those things have remained a constant since the beginning. This, to me, is impressive. Way to stick to your guns, guys!

Though the tiny treats are generally three times the size of a real kernel of corn, they began their journey under the name “chicken feed”. I’m not sure if “candy corn” is better or worse – I suppose that would depend on whether or not you are a hater of corn. There are a lot of people throwing shade at the corn industry these days – I for one am a fan! I have tremendous love for corn…on the cob, off the cob, doesn’t matter to me. Judge me all you want, but I’m a fan.

If you’re looking for more impressive facts on this harvest season “delight”…I’ve got a few to share. 9 billion pieces are made per year. That’s enough to go end to end around the earth’s equator.  This much is made, and that much is also purchased making Candy Corn the MOST purchased candy. It’s most abundant in the fall (specifically around Halloween of course) but enough is consumed to make it top of the popularity list ALL YEAR. What?! I couldn’t believe this. It’s also the most googled candy. And, if you must know, Alabama purchases the most Candy Corn in the US.

Some people seem to think there’s just the usual white, yellow, orange candy corn but they are sadly mistaken. Just when I thought it couldn’t get more outrageous there’s “Indian Corn” (I’m sure a name change will occur at some point here) with chocolate, orange, and white available closer to Thanksgiving – I love chocolate but what an insult to add it to candy corn – if the goal was improvement, it didn’t work. They have blackberry cobbler flavor in eastern Canada, I haven’t tried this, however, there’s a chance it could be the best. On occasion you can find a myriad of other holiday-ish flavors/colors throughout the year: reindeer corn, cupid corn, Easter corn, and even freedom corn. There are sometimes flavors floating around randomly including caramel apple, pumpkin spice, and birthday cake, but these aren’t a constant.

Being a hater of candy corn but a lover of regular corn, I am astonished by some of these facts. I simply can’t understand why people love it. I think it tastes like karo syrup right out of the bottle. Maybe even worse if I’m being honest. Alas, there are billions of things I can’t wrap my head around and the list grows longer each year.

Originally this blog idea started as a joke – I wanted to try to convince the internet that candy corn is the leading cause of type two diabetes. No doubt it’s a contributor in one way or another, and I’m sure some gullible people wouldn’t require too much convincing. As a matter of conscience, I don’t want to blame such a serious epidemic on ONE candy that has stuck to it’s original plan from the beginning and held out in a thriving industry over many years. I know adults that can’t stick to an original plan for five hours, so to me, this is a great accomplishment. That being said, while I can’t consume this disgusting bit of waxy grossness, I will give it mad props for never giving up in a world where there are a million BETTER and more delicious choices.



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