Love, we need more of that…

What do I love? I love the smell of the rain after a long stretch of sunshine. I love the buzz of the hummingbirds fighting over our bird feeder. I love the way Elvis stares at me endlessly like I am probably the most amazing human in the world. I love when my nephews text me random questions out of nowhere. I love my husband’s laugh, the deep but giggly one. I love brand new babies — all of them. I love movie nights in and the smell of popcorn (more than the taste). I love the smell of whatever laundry detergent my mom has used for eternity and the smell of clothes drying outside. I love saying and seeing the color periwinkle. I love when the sunshine burns my skin just enough to remind me I should wear sunscreen, and the feeling of cool aloe on my shoulders. I love loud gangsta rap no matter my mood and dancing and singing in the car alone. I love a cold beer on a hot day, and pizza whenever I feel like it. I love beaches even when it rains. I love fresh and strong coffee and pancakes for breakfast. I love lifting weights and sweating so much I can hardly stand it.  I love making people laugh even at the expense of my dignity, and I love being happy.

For the past few days I’ve mulled over the tragedy in Florida. What I’ve come to – there’s no reasoning with it. There’s no easy answer or an answer at all, period. And, it makes me sad. It is unbearable to think of the victims and their families. It’s awful to see the hate sprawl across social media like a vicious tsunami – whether it be about lifestyle, guns, politics, and so on. It isn’t something I can even engage in, because there is no answer. I have my beliefs in guns that a lot of my friends disagree with. I accept their feelings and expect that they do the same in return. I also believe love is love, and give it where you want. I have many people I love in the LGBTQ community, some are the greatest people I’ve known. I would never fathom telling them what they feel is wrong…because IT’S NOT. Isn’t that part of the problem here, people not minding their own damn business. How about we accept a little more and hate a little less. Why don’t we realize that the pressure we place on people, telling people how they should feel or live, that’s where the problem starts. No one should feel guilty for who they choose to love, or how they choose to live their life. I could add the caveat of “within reason” here, but I think that goes without saying. Stick to your species, don’t be a child molester, I mean, c’mon now.  Don’t be an asshole and put words in my mouth. Hell, there have been times I’ve thought how much easier it would have been if my best friend and I would have just lived together forever and had each other always instead of having each other to talk to when our husbands piss us off. 😉

So, what do I hate? I hate strong negative opinions littered all over my newsfeed. I hate someone telling me how I should feel or simply a lack of acceptance for MY opinion or priority. I hate judgement and constant criticism. I hate a lack of understanding for society as a whole when people are stuck in the bottleneck of their strong opinions. I also hate reading all the hate…

That being said……

I love watching movies over and over again. I love the drive of crazy mountaineers and their hopes to get to the top of the world. I love when people adopt and foster animals and humans for the right reasons…because their hearts are simply too large and they must litter their love all over the damn place. I love complimenting people, and making their day. I love to speak to large crowds, maybe because I also love attention, but who’s to blame me for that. I love not being shy, I think it’s a blessing. I love my friends, especially when they understand my crazy life and schedule and love me back anyway. I love the people who listen to me when I vehemently rant and rave about something I have passion for.

I’d really love it if everyone could take a moment, pause, and think before they post their next thought or piece of hateful and meaningless crap. This tragedy isn’t about an argument on religion, or gun rights – so let’s not make it about that. It’s awful, and it happened and now it’s about coming back together, recognizing this larger problem exists, and each of us being there for the people who need us right now. Spreading kindness because that takes absolutely NO effort. Respect those around you and their feelings, because they are THEIR feelings, not yours…it isn’t your job to try to force them into thinking otherwise, so quit doing that. I hate to tell you, but your efforts are likely a waste and simply diminishing their opinion of you as a human. Mind yourself, believe in what you believe in, know your audience….and LOVE LOVE LOVE.

Food for thought: Recently I did a 30 day #KindnessMovement. Each day I posted on Facebook a compliment or a kind thought to one of my friends. I tried to make it people I didn’t talk to very often, because I felt like that made it more of a stretch for me in the effort department. Turns out, it’s easy to say nice things to people…and I highly recommend everyone try. Try for a week, or a month, or just as often as you think about it. Together we can turn the world around. More love, less hate…

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  1. I have the most love and affinity to those who reflect the values of love, generosity and kindness. I am inspired by your presence and gift of self. Continue to be amazing.


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